Thursday, March 24, 2011

Map of where Science Centre, Jurong Bird Park and Jurong Industrial Estate is.


When I traveling around the Jurong area, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the fact that I was going to landmarks around Jurong. The difficult parts were getting people for the interview as they were busy and the places that I went were tourist attractions. The second and most difficult  part was the traveling. Because Jurong has lots of factories and military bases, there are lots of container, heavy duty vehicles and army vehicles. If I had an opportunity to do it again without time restriction, it wold be the Jurong Bird Park as it has lots of points missed out.


Jurong Industrial Estate

The Jurong Industrial Estate was proposed by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee and is dubbed as 'Goh's Folly' as it was Dr Goh's most successful project.
Dr Goh had to travel to the area often as to be a Guest-of-Honor to open factories or to scout the area.

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Jurong Bird Park


The Jurong Bird Park was proposed by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee. It is built in the Jurong Industrial Estate. The Bird Park is an example of an 'open concept' park for animals. Of all the species in the Bird Park, 29 of them are endangered and the park has successfully recorded the hatching of a Black Hornbill and a Giant Indian Hornbill in captivity. An interview with the staff reveals that most tourists that visit the park are Korean and Japanese and there are more Asians than Caucasian taking the Panorail.
Location of Jurong Bird Park

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Singapore Science Centre

Entrance to the Science Centre
 The Annex
The site for Science currently is in the same place when it was built. The future sit is located close to Chinese Garden MRT station. An interview shows that on a typical weekday, the Science Centre receives more than 30+ different groups which includes kinder-gardens,  primary school students and senior citizens. The Science Centre has also hosted international school students like the Canadian International School, American International school. Tourist that visits the Science Centre also visited the Omni-theater and Snow City.

The Science Centre was a government initiative to house science-related exhibitions from the National Museum of Singapore(NMS) and the NMS will only feature art and historical exhibitions. It was also to promote the understanding of science and technology in Singaporean.

Location of Science Centre

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